Coming up with tempting titles for your nonfiction, self-published book

| April 23, 2013

You’ve got a fabulous book, but you’re stuck on the title. How do you motivate people to sip the sparkling prose of your pages? It’s a dilemma to be sure. It usually works best to have a clear title over a catchy one. And ideally it should start with the two or three most relevant [...]

11 self-publishing strategies for success

| June 14, 2011

As self-publishing continues to go mainstream and lose its stigma, more and more authors are taking the plunge and going indie. Success, however, is certainly not guaranteed. By following the tips below, you’ll avoid many of the pitfalls and enhance your chances of flourishing. 1. Educate yourself. Publishing is a business and needs to be [...]

Tips for writing your nonfiction book

| April 27, 2011

Last week, I wrote about organizing your nonfiction book; today’s post will address the actual writing process. After you’ve got your book organized, I suggest you develop a mission statement just like businesses do. This is some twenty to forty words that capture the essence of your message. Who is this for? How will it [...]

Organizing your nonfiction book

| April 21, 2011

Your idea for a book may have been percolating for a while. But when confronted with the task of organizing all your research, perhaps you feel like you know exactly what to do, but where should you begin? My coauthor of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition and several other books, Marilyn Ross, usually [...]

11 questions for the indie publisher: Belinda Kroll

| October 28, 2010

Your name: Belinda Kroll Your website/blog: Your bibliography: Catching the Rose, Worderella on Writing 1. What is your background? Funny story: I’m actually a usability analyst. My degrees are in computer science engineering, human computer interaction, and a minor in English. My Masters degree was very open, and allowed me to take high-level creative [...]

11 Questions for the Indie Publisher…Featuring Lillian Brummet

| October 20, 2010

This is another installment from our series 11 Questions for the Indie Publisher. This time we are featuring indie author Lillian Brummet. Please let me know if you would like to be featured! Your name:  Lillian Brummet Your website/blog:; Your bibliography: Lillian Brummet is the co-author of the books Trash Talk and Purple Snowflake [...]

Eleven Questions for the Indie Publisher: Featuring Phil Simon

| August 25, 2010

This is the first in a new series that will focus on the independent publisher. If you’d like to be featured, please let me know! Your name: Phil Simon Your website/blog: Your bibliography: Why New Systems Fail and The Next Wave of Technologies 1. What is your background? I am an independent technology consultant, [...]

Promoting your book by using your natural talents

| June 25, 2010

When I talk with most authors, I find that writing their book isn’t the biggest challenge; marketing is. Many authors tend to be more introverted, so blatant promotion of their work makes them very uncomfortable. It’s disappointing when I see authors invest so much of themselves—emotionally and financially—into their book only to see their enthusiasm [...]

Why self-publishing your book rather than pursuing the traditional route can be your best bet

| May 5, 2010

I read a blog post today about why authors should pursue traditional publishing rather than try self-publishing from the start. For authors of fiction, I would probably agree that traditional publishing is definitely the more ideal model; but for authors of nonfiction, self-publishing is often the best, most profitable way for authors to see their [...]