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12 Responses to “More Information – Contact Us”

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to check several of the services that you offer, but was only allowed to click on one in each category. Maybe you should just send me information on all the services you offer.

    All the best,
    Jack deveny

  2. Hi,

    I just subscribed to your newsletter and hoped to download “JUMP START YOUR BLOG IN 28 DAYS” but was unable to figure how to do so.

    I read your book and hope to work with you in the near future as a self publishing coach.


  3. In your book, “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing” ((Marilyn Ross)), you state that

    “CIP discriminates against self-publishers, if they realize you are one, they will deny

    you CIP. Use a contact name other than your own on the form.”

    I have finally finished my book and am collecting information on how to secure an

    ISBN and Library of Congress Number. Do I have to invent a publishing company name

    to apply for CIP? Please help me if you can. Thank you.

    - Robert W. Dibrell


  4. The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, made the front page of our local newspaper this morning. Check it out at:

    I also promote your book on my website:

    Thank you for a great resource,

    Wendell Affield

    Author: Muddy Jungle Rivers, A Vietnam War Memoir

  5. Thanks so much, Wendell! And I will be visiting your website!

  6. Robert–I honestly don’t find that CIP is all that important, so I usually don’t advise my clients to worry about it. ISBN and LCCN, on the other hand, are–and both should be applied for under a publishing company name. It’s a matter of starting up a publishing company as a business (easier than it sounds). Let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Hi Larry–Sorry to hear you’d had issues. I will go ahead and email you the document directly. Thanks!

  8. Hi Jack—I will send you an email with more information! Thanks!

  9. Hi Sue,

    Would you be interested in helping me market my book, “Semisocialism”?


    Among other things, I can drop ship.

    Reply if interested.

  10. Hi Keith–Let’s talk! I’ll send you an email. Thanks! Sue

  11. I just subscribed to your newsletter and don’t yet see where to download “Jumpstart Your Blog in 28 Days” – am I just not seeing it? Gayle

  12. Gayle–Sorry you had trouble with it. I’ll just email it to you. Thanks!

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