Book marketing & promotion

Advance blurb solicitation coaching: Having celebrities and name authors provide advance comments gives you more clout in selling your book.

Copywriting for news releases, sales letters, ads, sell sheets, postcards, bookmarks, etc: Writing benefit-oriented copy is an art; you need book promotion materials that sing. Self Publishing Resources hits the high notes.

Brochure and/or media kit development: You need strong written ammunition to woo the public and the media. We create it with pizzazz…both in paper and for your online media room.

Nationwide book marketing campaigns: We put together powerful book promotion plans that generate reviews in magazines and newspapers, open up both traditional and nontraditional retail channels, and concentrate on selling your book. 

Website evaluation and guidance: Having a visually pleasing site is only part of the equation. How the sales content is written and strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will determine your success.

Internet book promotion strategies: What good is a website if no one comes to it? Make sure yours is professional looking and offers valuable content to visitors—and gets them to come back. Optimize your presence. Use blogging to your best advantage. Take a virtual author book tour from the comfort of your own office. We know how to use the Web for effective marketing and book promotion.

Social media marketing: Are you tweeting on Twitter? Making friends on Facebook? Linking on LinkedIn? Social media takes on many forms, and we can help you make sense of these relationship-building tools—and make sure you are maximizing your experience there without wasting your time. 

Catalogs: There are catalogs for everything, and once they accept your book the orders roll in month after month after month. No returns and fast pay too.

Guidance to set up and sell eBooks: This is the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry. Slice and dice your material and have whole new revenue streams.

Hands-on customized publishing help and book promotion: You may have needs that go beyond personalized publishing advice into hands-on customized implementation. Perhaps you’re a busy professional who wants a comprehensive Nationwide Book Marketing Campaign developed, but you don’t have the time, resources, or acumen to put together a dynamite list of contacts—or the ability to create powerful promotional materials. That’s where the team comes into play.