Coaching & consulting

Self-publishing is about being in control, and it needn’t mean being in turmoil! With our book consulting advice and book coaching help, you get the personalized advice or customized implementation needed to make your publishing dreams come true. And we encourage your input. You have the final say over every aspect.

Consulting services: This service is included at no extra cost when you sign on with us for specific book packaging activities. If, however, you decide to handle the specific activities yourself, we can provide guidance, answer questions, critique materials, work with vendors, and assist you in overall management of the project as needed via phone, fax, or email. This is a very cost-effective way to gain the advantage of our many years of expertise!

Ongoing book coaching: Marilyn and her team offer ongoing book coaching for those who understand the value of having a first-class mentor who really cares about them and their project and desires to help them make their dreams come true.

And more: Want to develop a newsletter, create a booklet, get counseling on whether or not to use a master (exclusive) distributor, or get professional book consulting on some other topic? This is the place!

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