Writing coaching

Do you need a writing coach?

Are you consistently falling short of your writing goals?

Have you dropped the ball on your writing projects?

Has your enthusiasm waned? Do you need accountability?

Does your grammar, spelling, or punctuation, and/or writing style need improvement?

Do you need the help of a professional who can provide thoughtful, honest feedback? 

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will probably benefit from a writing coach.

A writing coach is part cheerleader, part facilitator, part teacher. A coach will provide you with a mix of encouragement, direction, tactical planning, and accountability. It is the job of a coach to help you see possibilities and to assist you in removing the obstacles that may be preventing you from pursuing them. A coach can guide you through the sometimes difficult terrain of that ever-elusive “next step.” Like a sports coach, a writing coach pushes you to do your best, to go beyond your limits. 

A study by the Center for Creative Leadership shows that “Formal developmental relationships—such as coaching—are the most effective ways to enhance growth and change…. Seventy-seven percent of the respondents from U.S. companies cited ‘improved retention and overall performance’ with a formal coaching program.” 

What a writing coach does:

  • Guides your writing project through uncertainties and problems
  • Creates the structure and accountability you need to keep writing
  • Gives you helpful feedback on how to strengthen your work
  • Offers the objective opinion of an outsider who is not personally vested in your work
  • Helps you set realistic goals
  • Empowers you to bring your project to completion


When you may want to work with a writing coach:

  • If you’re serious about wanting to write
  • If you need to get organized
  • If you want to reawaken the creative spirit that has diminished
  • If you want supportive, practical feedback on your work on a regular basis


How a coach works:

  • Via scheduled telephone conferences (or some face-to-face meetings, if you are local) or AOL instant messaging
  • With unlimited email correspondence
  • Through useful articles and resources on topics you’re dealing with
  • By regular reviews of your writing work

Sue Collier has more than 20 years of experience helping hundreds of authors craft hundreds of books. Call her at 720-344-4388 or email her at sue@SelfPublishingResources.com to learn more about our affordable coaching packages. Don’t put off starting or finishing your writing project any longer!