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Posted By on March 25, 2012

Here’s some of the latest in industry news and views:

From Jane Friedman: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Book
Today’s guest post is by Ken Brosky. I asked him to share his experience because many authors have made the same mistake he has. Plus, his advice on how to do things right is spot on.

From OnlineCollege: 20 Incredibly Rare Author Interviews Unearthed
Readers often love to see into the minds of the authors who have penned their favorite books, but sometimes, doing so is next to impossible. There are a variety of reasons why it might be difficult to track down an author interview: the writers in question only offered interviews along the same general frequency as Halley’s Comet, or they typically pop up in different media, or some even lose the footage over time.

From Jane Friedman: What Is an Author’s Marketing Responsibility With a Traditional Publisher?
It is a pleasure to share this interview with two authors who are also marketing geniuses, Avery Monsen (@averymonsen) and Jory John (@joryjohn). A couple years ago they authored a brilliant illustrated book with Chronicle, All My Friends Are Dead, which became an online sensation and breakout bestseller with more than 100,000 copies sold. This year, the sequel released: All My Friends Are Still Dead.

From HuffPost Books: Amazon: To KDP Select, Or Not?
There’s no question that Amazon has changed the publishing industry by making it easy for anyone with a book in their head to easily and quickly publish it and make it for sale almost overnight without the gatekeepers of big publishing getting in the way. It’s also true that with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing “Select” program, they’ve take the first steps to hammering the nail in the traditional publishing model.

From Digital Book World: Amazon Updates Kindle App for Android
The new Kindle app for Android now supports KF8, Amazon’s proprietary e-book format that is much like EPUB3. Digital Book Wire received the following note from an Amazon press representative detailing that Amazon has updated its Kindle app for Android: I wanted to let you know that Amazon just updated Kindle for Android.  The update brings access to illustrated children’s books, comic books, and graphic novels with full color and beautiful illustrations. You can access over 1000 children’s titles such as Brown Bear and Curious George along with popular comics including Batman, Superman and many more.

From The Los Angeles Times: Self-publishing for the 1%
Got a story to tell? Got piles of cash? There’s a new self-publishing service just for you. Venture Press will help you make a book. It provides hands-on custom service: It will set you up with a ghostwriter and designers for the cover and layout. The company acknowledges that creating a book isn’t easy: “It’s an enormous challenge,” according to its website, “requiring hours of concentration and hard work in front of a computer screen, followed by the arduous task of turning your words into an actual book.”

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