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Posted By on April 26, 2013

When I was thinking about my entry for “U” in the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2013 (and yes, I fell behind this week and I’m a bit late with a couple of these), I was initially stumped. Unit cost? Boring. UV coating? Not a whole post about it. So then I came across “unique selling proposition” and thought…a ha!

So what is the unique selling proposition of your book? It’s identifying what makes your book distinctive. It’s clearly picturing who is reading your book and why they are reading it. Your perfect audience, so to speak, as well as what it is that makes them your perfect audience. It is explaining the problem your book will solve and defining the promise to your audience to solve it.

I looked for information on the subject, and I came across an article by my colleague Susan Daffron. She had this to say:

Before I started writing and publishing my own books, I was a non-fiction editor for a lot of years. Whenever I was asked to “take a look” at a book project where the book author got “stuck,” it almost always came down to the same problem. The author was flailing around struggling to complete the book because he had no idea who would actually read it.

Susan suggests getting into the mindset of the reader. Which really brings us back to defining your audience and writing for them to solve their problem. Figure that out, and you should be on your way to a book that sets you apart from the crowd.

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3 Responses to “Unique selling proposition for your self-published book”

  1. I have seen that advice very often, but one thing is always missing – finding out who is reading your book. I am in the UK, half my sales are in the USA, I have absolutely no idea who these people are and I have never seen anyone suggest how I could find out.
    I’d love to know who is reading my books?

  2. Honestly, Rod, the only way I know of to find out who you readers are is to ask. If you are connecting with them through your blog or social media, you can connect with them and learn more about who they are. If anyone else has ideas on this, I would love to hear them! Thanks for commenting, Rod!

  3. Thanks for this suggestion. According to me a book is a impressive book if the picture is clear in the mind of reader. It should be like a trap in which reader go deep to deeper.

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