Virtual author book tours

Posted By on April 26, 2013

Virtual author book tours

Virtual author book tours have grown in popularity in the past few years along with blogging and social media. They are an innovative way to promote your book “virtually.” Instead of physically trudging from city to city and bookstore to bookstore, authors can tour virtually through blogs and other websites—right from the comfort of their own home. You will probably have the most success with this method of book promotion if you are already an active blogger yourself.

Your first step in arranging a blog tour is selecting the blogs you’d like to target, which of course would be the most popular, influential blogs read by your book’s target audience. You may already have some possibilities in mind, but you should still take a look to see what else might be out there. Things in the blogosphere can change quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. You will need to do your own research and sample blog content.

Ideally, you’ll want to schedule the tour shortly after your book is published or right around your book’s launch date, making as many virtual stops as possible.

Blog tours generally start with a description and excerpt of your book on the host blog before your appearance. Then you’ll “appear” on the blog, submitting a short commentary on the topic of your book, being interviewed by the host blogger, or having your book reviewed—thus opening the channels of discussion. For the next week or so (and possibly much longer, so be sure you are being notified of new comments), you’ll visit the blog to answer questions and comments from the audience.

Even if your book has been out for a while, you can still take advantage of this opportunity—especially if you can tie in your subject matter to current news, a calendar event, new study released, and so forth.

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