Best AI Story Generator: Which One Best Fits Your Writing Style

It sounds a bit like the plot line of a science fiction novel!

But there are AI story generator tools available to aid in writing almost anything and with ever progressing technology, such tools as AI story generators are getting updated and improved upon all the time.

AI story writing tools can be confusing at first glance. 

Is an AI story your story? Do AI story generators write stories on their own, or are they your own work? 

Can you take credit for the story, article, or blog post if you use an AI story writing tool to create it?

This article will address all these questions about an AI story generator and provide our recommendation for the best tool. We’ll start with the basics and work our way through it.

What Is an AI Story Generator Tool?

An AI story generator, or AI writing tool is a piece of software that learns and assists writers and storytellers with what it learns.

First of all, AI stands for artificial intelligence, which means that software can now be developed that can essentially problem solve on its own.

It used to be that humans had to be smarter than a computer or at least be able to do the bulk of the work when problem-solving on a computer. 

Sure, search engines exist, but if you don’t know how to phrase the question you need an answer to, you get stuck with information that may fit the question you are looking to answer, but more often than not, it doesn’t. You have to be able to problem-solve for yourself to get the computer to give you what you need.

That is no longer an issue with technology like Deep Learning and AI. With artificial intelligence, programs use algorithms and data to learn. 

That’s right. The software is capable of learning. On its own. Without your help.

How Do AI Story Generators Work?

If you want to write engaging stories, but you struggle getting started, or you need to write a blog post that includes an exciting and interesting story, you can use an AI story generator tool to help you through it.

You choose which program or software you want to use (more about that shortly), and then you input data such as prompts, the idea you have for the plot, character information, etc. 

The AI story writing tools then generate stories based on the data you have fed into the program that fits into the story plot you have given.

Story generators can help you write engaging stories, blog posts, articles, letters, and almost any other correspondence you can think of.

ai story generator

Is it Your Work?

The short answer here is: yes. However, you must give the story writing tool the parts needed to write stories. 

You have to provide the story plot, setting information, character information, and conflict.

It would be like building a house’s foundation, installing all the load-bearing beams and walls, and then hiring a contractor to put up the drywall, siding, and roofing. 

You are building the skeleton. It’s still “your” house. Someone you hired just came to help you.

You are still responsible for coming up with fresh and exciting ideas. You’re still tasked with developing keywords and characters that will generate compelling stories that fall into the criteria you need them to.

The Best AI Story Generator Software

An AI story generator is only as good as its software. 

If you want to write stories with the help of an AI story writing tool, you need to look into the different AI story generator software and decide which one is best for you.

There are many out there that cater to different needs. Story generator tools may all be somewhat similar, but some are better for story writing as you research them. In contrast, others are best for marketing or blog articles, while other story generator tools are set up for long-form stories like novel writing tasks.

Next, we will look at the best software for the different tasks you need to do.

AI Novel Writing Software

When you want to write compelling stories but need some help, an AI story tool can help you create stories. It would help if you had a powerful AI story generator when writing a full-length novel instead of blog posts or short stories. 

Here are some of the best.

Jasper AI

Formerly known as Jarvis AI, this AI story generator can pump out creative stories and generate content that will give you the best AI story possible through tools and software like natural language processing.

The pros of this AI story generator are numerous. First, it’s user-friendly and isn’t bogged down by complicated prompts, options, or directions. Jasper AI is a helpful story generator for someone who wants to create stories but isn’t a particularly imaginative story writer.

Because of the AI writing tools of this software, you can get engaging AI-based stories that read as if an ordinary human writer created them. 

Even an amateur writer can start writing stories and generate content that will be interesting and well-written using these AI tools.

You can easily write stories using this AI story generator for several reasons. 

Not only does it churn out the best AI story possible using just a plot line or theme, but you can also set the mood, tone, or genre so that the AI-generated stories you get will reflect your story ideas without going off in a direction that you didn’t intend.

The Cost

There are two plans when it comes to this AI story generator. Each comes with its perks, and the costs are different. 

We’ll discuss each briefly so you can consider which level of service might be right for you.

Unfortunately, neither mode gives unlimited AI output credits for the price, meaning that if you go past the word limit for the mode you have purchased, you will be charged more.

Starter Mode

The plans for this mode start at just $29/month, but they can go up if you exceed the limit of words allowed each month. The cap is currently at 20,000 words per month.

Starter mode is a viable option for writers who can write long-form content without much help and need an AI story generator to help beat the occasional writer’s block. 

This mode is excellent for people who want to write their own stories for the most part and just need a little push to get the creative story they require.

It can also help improve writing skills as a learning tool. 

Building your creative intelligence by learning the tricks of artificial intelligence to write amazing stories is a win-win situation.

Boss Mode

Boss mode is the more expensive but more helpful mode for someone who needs more help than to overcome writer’s block now and then.

If you create long-form content regularly, such as novels, blog articles, or pages, then this is probably the mode you are looking for.

Starting at $59/month and with a cap of 50,000 words per month, you can write novels in their entirety with this AI story generator as long as you space out the word count and don’t go over the monthly limit.

Story writers of AI-generated stories have repeatedly claimed that this convenient tool can generate a story in no time and with little help aside from the story background in your own words.

ai story generator

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is another AI story generator raved about by story writer after story writer. 

It also uses natural language processing to mimic human writing and is a sure-fire way to beat writer’s block quickly.

A story written with this AI story generator has all the features of the previously mentioned program. Still, it’s generating stories using advanced AI algorithms with no limits on characters or words. 

Story plots put into the script write themselves, almost. With machine learning like this, and with no limit on the word output, you will be creating captivating stories in no time.

The Cost

Again, there are two plans available for this program. 

You get the same features but can choose to pay monthly or annually. You will save some money in the long run if you go with the annual plan. 

Still, suppose you’re suspicious about how well this program can create human-quality content or turn a plot outline into a real story. In that case, a free trial, which this program offers, or the monthly plan may be the safer way.

Annual Plan

The annual plan is $780 per year. Paying for it this way essentially gets you two months free, bringing the monthly cost down to $65 per month. 

While there is no limit to the characters or words, there is a daily cap. However, Shortly AI boasts that the cap is one you won’t likely reach when used for “normal writing.”

If you need to create content regularly and can afford the annual subscription, you will save money this way. 

The program is also constantly adding updates and improving, giving you the best and newest features to create top-of-the-line content.

Monthly Plan

If paying upfront for a year of use isn’t in the budget, or if you are just a little unsure if you want to commit to a whole year of service, then the monthly plan may work better for you. 

You can also cancel anytime, which takes some of the stress and pressure off.

Another perk of this option is that you can cancel on months when you don’t need the help of story generator tools and then sign back up when you need AI story generator tools.

The cost of the monthly subscription is $79 per month.

AI Story Writer

AI story generator tools are great for all sorts of writing. You don’t have to write novels to benefit exclusively from AI story generator tools. 

AI tools can help you craft the best AI story in short form, script, blog post, feature article, and more. 

For those who create work outside of long-form novels, here are some great AI tools that cater more to other types of stories.


This program is most beneficial for those who write scripts. 

Whether for plays, movies, television, or whatever, DeepStory is still in beta mode and is still being developed. This software allows you to create, save, download, and share your content and is very user-friendly.

You can set the genre for your script, reference more than one movie that exists to get the best AI story for your script and generate an unlimited amount of both words and independent scripts.

The major drawback to this program is that you will have to tweak the content generated. Because this program is still being developed, it has not yet reached a point where it reads as if a human wrote it.

The Cost

This AI service is free for all users, but you must complete a registration to access its tools.


This program is for people who write short works, such as ads, small feature articles, short stories, or blog pieces. 

The perks of this program are that you can upload from it, edit the content within the program after the content is created, and there is a mobile app that you can download so that you can work from your phone or tablet while on the go.

Since RYTR is set up to cater to smaller content needs, it’s not a good platform for those who want to write novels or long blog posts or articles. 

A reasonably restrictive word limit is a plus for some writers and a definite drawback for others.

The word cap per month is 5000 words. While that may seem incredibly small for writers of full-length novels, it is more than enough for some ad writers and bloggers.

The Cost

There are two plans offered for RYTR. 

The basic plan costs only $9 per month, but remember that choosing this option means you are bound to the 5000-word cap.

The other option is an unlimited plan. It costs $29/month but gives you a chance for a little breathing room when crafting the best AI story possible.

ai story generator

Is an AI Story Generator for You?

No longer an idea restricted to the pages of a science fiction novel; these programs are now available to everyone. 

While deciding which is best for you, you may ask yourself if using the software is a good idea.

You may think these programs are taking away from the creativity of humans. They don’t. 

In the same way, writing prompts help an author get the ball rolling in creativity and story writing; an AI story generator can aid an author.

These programs aren’t here to replace authors. 

Hard-core fans of Agatha Christie know her style, and they’ll see if she didn’t really write a story. John Grisham or Stephen King or Nora Roberts fans will do the same.

AI story generator tools are here to provide help when needed. 

Even if you don’t completely trust it, there are enough alternatives out there that offer their full range of services for free or at least offer a free trial. 

Giving this software a try is definitely worth it.

When computers became mainstream, many authors scoffed at them and swore they’d never give up their typewriters. Now all of those writers produce content on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Embrace technology and at least give it a chance to benefit your craft. Your stories are and will forever be your own.

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