Best Luxury Pens: 15 Pens That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Luxury pens are not just a sign of status or wealth. The best luxury pens can be used for years or even passed down through generations, saving you money in the long run. When you think of a luxury pen, you may think of a nice ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, or a rollerball pen. While you can certainly purchase any of these pens at a modest price, they are also available at the luxury pen level. This article will showcase some of the best luxury pens in the market today.

Types of Luxury Pens

If you are looking for an elegant luxury pen, you need to know what kind of pen you prefer. Writing instruments come in many shapes, sizes, and types, and the best luxury pens for you may not be the best luxury pens for someone else. It is best to try every kind of luxury pen to determine which luxury pen offers the most satisfaction to your personal needs.

The Luxury Ballpoint Pen

The ballpoint pen is the most common type of pen being used today. The two biggest reasons people prefer ballpoint pens over other types are durability and ease of use. Some even feature a twist on caps to help balance the pen’s weight.

The ballpoint pen is ready-to-go when you need them. There is no waiting, loading ink, or technique required to use a ballpoint pen properly. You pick it up and start writing with it. They often write smoothly and come in many shapes, weights, and sizes.

They are also the most affordable pens you can get (aside from looking for a specific luxury pen). A ballpoint pen is used in everyday writing, such as grocery lists, appointments, or required signatures on paperwork. A luxury ballpoint pen is a sign of status and a point of pride for the owner.

The Luxury Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is classic but undeniably classy. A good luxury fountain pen is used to write or sign documents or do things like calligraphy. When you say “luxury pen” to someone who does not know luxury pens, there is a good chance that they will think of fountain pens right away.

The fountain pen has been around for almost 200 years. It crawled so that other types of pens could walk. It is built with a chisel point nib rather than a rollerball or ink cartridge; the fountain pen is indeed state-of-the-art. It is exquisite, and a quality fountain pen has a glide to it when used that is unparalleled.

Luxury fountain pens can be passed down from one generation to the next, and they come in many sizes, shapes, and weights.

Choosing the Best Luxury Pens

Of course, choosing between a ballpoint pen and a luxury fountain pen depends on your preferences and needs—some stand out more than others. This article will act as a guide to help steer you through some of the options available and leave you with a comprehensive list of the best luxury pens on the market today. The following are genuinely remarkable writing instruments.

Best Luxury Pens feature

1. Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Black Resin Fountain Pen

Montblanc is synonymous with luxury writing instruments, and this piston fountain pen is no exception. This respected pen brand produces high-quality pens—a fine writing instrument.

This elegant pen has a black lacquered barrel and a resin cap with platinum-coated details. This pen has a nib made of 14k gold that retracts and has a platinum-coated clip. Montblanc, well known for its platinum-coated details, really created a timeless piece with this particular pen.

2. Caran d’Ache Varius Ballpoint Pen

This luxury brand is trying to dominate the market for high-quality luxury pens, and their effort into this beautiful ballpoint pen reflects that determination. Using modern technology, they are determined to make the best pens in the market.

This beautiful pen from Switzerland boasts to last the owner a lifetime. Hexagon-shaped for superior grip and carbon fiber to make it light, this pen is incredibly comfortable to hold and to use. The pen features a modern look while remaining timeless. This writing instrument would bring joy to any ballpoint user.

3. Smythson Viceroy Fountain Pen

Known primarily for their fine leather goods, Smythson, a British company, makes high-quality pens. This pen is solid silver and can be personalized. The silver clip also adds a dash of elegance. It is minimal but exquisite. It features nibs that can be switched out, really catering to any user.

4. Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum Coated Classique Luxury Ballpoint Pen

This ballpoint pen is a superior writing instrument that is elegant and gorgeous. A rollerball pen features precious black resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem in white. It comes with ink refills and may be personalized, making this a great pen for personal use and an excellent gift for someone special.

5. Sheaffer Legacy Polished Chrome Luxury Rollerball Pen

This pen is all about style and is popular among luxury pen collectors. This beautiful pen uses gel ink cartridges engraved with a chevron pattern and chrome-plated finish. It houses one ink cartridge inside and comes with one spare ink refill.

6. Cartier de Cartier Ballpoint Gold Pen

It does not get much flashier or more elegant than gold. Truly timeless, this pen is eye-catching and comfortable in hand, and not too heavy for the user. It is an excellent pen that is universally appreciated by collectors and has a golden striped design that elevates its beauty.

7. Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen

This cigar-like pen is on the higher end when it comes to cost but is immediately noticeable as a conversation piece and a writing instrument. It is undoubtedly more than just an expensive pen. It is styled to resemble a cigar, it has no pocket clip, but it features sterling silver trim.

Much design and thought went into this pen, and its delicate craftsmanship is evident. If the fountain pen is not your style, it also comes in a rollerball with a beautiful wooden box. This is truly one of the best luxury pens available in the market today.

Best Luxury Pens

8. S.T. Dupont Line D Large Ballpoint Pen

Dupont Line has created an exquisite pen that is capable of smooth writing, as well as having a comfortable grip. This elegant pen with a classic design can make a statement on its own.

9. J.S. Staedtler Princeps Ballpoint Pen

This pen was made to stand out. The pen is made with European black walnut and polished palladium refined metal. This pen from Germany boasts quality and style.

10. Montblanc Meisterstück Diamond Classique Ballpoint Pen

If you are looking for a luxury pen that will never go out of style, this may be the luxury pen for you. Sleek and classy, it has both a twist feature and a platinum-plated clip. Three platinum-plated rings are all engraved with the Montblanc name. Aside from this sophistication, a small diamond is also housed at the top of the pen.

11. Caran d’Ache Ebony Ballpoint Pen

As you might have guessed from the name, this pen is made with ebony wood from the Asian and African rainforests. So dark in color that it is nearly black, this pen is hexagonal and boasts exceptional quality and comfort in the hand of the user. It is also equipped with a precision push-button mechanism that elevates it above other pens of the same type.

12. Louis Vuitton Cargo Exotic Leather Brown Luxury Fountain Pen

It does not get much more sophisticated than this pen. This Louis Vuitton Cargo pen is finished with alligator leather and palladium details. It stands out among other pens and boasts a feminine and masculine style with its design. Whether you own a private jet or want to look like you own one, this pen boasts that there is a fair chance that it will boost your status and reputation.

13. Montblanc Boheme Rouge Medium Fountain Pen

This pen features a synthetic ruby-colored gemstone that is striking to the eye and compliments the sleek black finish of the rest of the pen. Although it is a fountain pen, it does have an internal ink cartridge, making for an easy user experience. This pen with a 14k gold nib certainly looks unique when compared to different pens of the same type. Elegant and stunning, it makes a great first impression.

14. Montblanc StarWalker Precious Resin Ballpoint Pen

The cap showcases a translucent dome of blue and a sleek design with a body made of precious resin. This pen is made of premium materials and nods towards dreams, stargazing, and the heavens. This is a great pen with a perfect grip. This is recommended for personal use or given on special occasions.

15. S.T. Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen

This is the famous James Bond pen. Engraved with 007 and “James Bond,” this is the pen carried by the British action star and is made of yellow gold and as flashy as the character himself. This is a great conversation piece as well as a statement piece.

Why Invest in a Luxury Pen?

With the world being digital for the most part, and very little writing work done by hand these days, you may ask yourself if investing in things like luxury pens is worth the money or the research into what would work best for you. The following are several reasons investing in one of the best luxury pens is still worth it.

Best Luxury Pens

1. Great for the Professional

A luxury pen is a statement piece. It says something about the owner. It can describe your personality, lend individuality to the professional who does not want to blend in, and offer an air of class and sophistication.

Imagine that you need a great attorney for a high-stakes lawsuit. You meet with two. Both are wearing nice three-piece suits that seem like an expert in the legal industry. One of them whips out an ordinary pen to sign a document, and the other has a luxury pen. Immediately, you will notice the difference in writing instruments and will likely decide that the attorney with the luxury pen is the better option.

2. Lasts a Lifetime, or Even for Generations

How much money do you think the average professional who does much paperwork spends during a thirty-year career on pens? Probably quite a bit. And while said professional will need to buy less expensive pens for clients to use, imagine using the same pen for the entirety of that thirty-year career and still having it long after your retirement.

These are pens that are made to last. They are not just fancy-looking pens that show that someone is proud of their career and has money. The best luxury pens will even last longer than the user if adequately cared for. Many pens are passed from one family member to the next generation as a token of love or congratulations for some accomplishment. Many people who own luxury pens did not buy them but inherited them from loved ones or even ancestors.

3. Luxury Pens Can Be Inspiring

If you have to write something by hand, such as an outline, or a project idea, something about a nice luxury pen inspires the person to write more and write better. Every single writer has their favorite pen. That pen writes smooth, feels good in the hand, and has a nice dark ink that looks as bold as our ideas.

Owning a luxury pen offers that same effect, but often on an elevated level. Is it psychological, or does owning a fine pen of value boost our creativity? Does it matter, as long as it works? If you enjoy writing with a favorite pen, you should consider investing in a “favorite” pen that will last you the rest of your life.

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