The 6 Types of Fantasy Kingdom Names That Will Captivate Your Readers

Part of writing any fiction story is coming up with the name of the setting. Naming parts of a fantasy world, however, can be pretty tricky. Fantasy kingdoms within your story need to be believable when you choose the fantasy kingdom names and not too complicated or whimsical as to be ridiculous. Readers will have a hard time believing a kingdom rules over hundreds or thousands of people if it has an outlandish and silly name.

Coming up with kingdom names for your fantasy world does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can be a fun distraction from other things like plot holes, writer’s block, or other issues in the writing process. This article will give you tips and some ideas for creating a kingdom name that will be both believable and memorable.

Fantasy Kingdom Names Generator

Like coming up with a name for your new baby, kingdom names should feel special to you. New parents often go to the internet for ideas for baby names, with nothing but an idea, heritage, nationality, or the first letter of the name they want. You can do the same thing when naming fantasy worlds.

Fantasy name generators will help you with character names, city names, kingdom names, and many more. You can name an entire continent or come up with a single kingdom name for a small region. Using a kingdom name generator can help you become inspired. You can work off the suggestions given on a kingdom name generator or elect to use one of the suggested names.

Fantasy Kingdom Names

Cool Kingdom Names

To come up with cool names for your kingdoms, it is best to have as much descriptive information about the setting and story as possible. It is much harder to come up with a kingdom name before you have an idea of the setting and the storyline.

For example, what era is your fantasy story set in? Medieval era stories often have more old-time names that sound sophisticated, use old or dead languages such as Latin, and are named based on the scenery surrounding or encompasses them.

1. Geographical Names

If there are blue mountains surrounding the kingdom in your fantasy story, think of a name that involves variations or hues of blue or includes the words: peak, summit, ridge, ascent, or even mountain in the title. This works not only for a kingdom name but also for town names or random names of businesses and establishments in the story.

Town names were often derived from their geography in medieval times to keep them distinct from other regions and place names. While it may seem like a cheap trick to name a town after what surrounds it in nature, it was a practice used regularly.

Use Translations of Geography for Your Kingdom Names

If the setting for your kingdom is an inlet that is drab and often covered in a dense fog, you could certainly name the kingdom Grey Havens. Or, you could get more creative than that and translate it. A fantasy story and a fantasy world often call for a unique name. “Mithlond” on the other hand, sounds like a fantasy story kingdom name, and it means the same thing as “Grey Havens.”

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2. Fictional Kingdom Names

You should always employ a tip not to copy names or have names so similar to real places that they are easily confused. For example, do not use “Bostonia” in your world as a kingdom name simply because you grew up in Boston. Boston is well known for its atmosphere, culture, landscape, and people. When you use a similar name for different cultures, readers may have difficulty caring about your characters when Boston is all they can think of.

Town names should be entirely fictional. When using a name generator, steer clear of any name that sounds close to a real-world town name. Good kingdom names are unique or made up and do not resemble other place names in the real world.

3. Good Empire Names

When it comes to naming an empire rather than a kingdom, you may be wondering if the same ideas you came up with for one will work for another. For example, can you change “Kingdom of Eratia” to “Empire of Eratia”? The short answer is yes, but there are slight differences between a kingdom and an empire.

Nation vs Kingdom vs Empire

Nations, kingdoms, and empires all yield power over an area of land and people and should optimally have names reflective of their level of power. However, the three do not yield the same amount of power, so some names that would work for a nation would not necessarily work for a kingdom or an empire.

A nation often has a leader who leads a people in a region rather than an entire country. Usually, it is a more rural course of the land. In real life, we see this in Native American tribes and people. There is the Sioux Nation, the Cherokee Nation, and so on. People with their own slightly different cultures from other tribes largely govern themselves based upon where they have their territories. These places are often called things reflective of their language, people, or race.

A kingdom usually has a government with a significantly higher power level than a nation. Usually, kingdoms command respect from the more common citizens over several generations, and they have a king or a queen who governs them, along with a governing body. There are separate areas, states, provinces, and parts of the country that make up a kingdom. Kingdoms are often given names that kings would suggest are powerful.

An empire has the most power. They are usually in charge of an entire continent rather than a city or swatch of land. While they do not run the whole planet, it can certainly feel like it to the people who are governed by an empire. Empires are often named things that are reflective of their military power. Generally, they create feelings of intimidation, war, and ancient power obvious in the place’s title.

Kingdom Names

4. Fantasy Castle Names

If you mention a kingdom in your story, you almost need to have a castle. That is where a king is supposed to live, right? One thing that nearly all fantasy stories set in medieval times has is a castle.

While there is no hard-set rule about naming a castle or other specific site within a kingdom, it should reflect something somewhat more personal or regal than the name of the actual kingdom. It can be named after the person who built it.

For example, when the beloved King Bimsworth built the castle, you could refer to the builder to create a good name. “Bimsworth Castle” is not only a good name, but readers generally will not forget it if it mimics the name of a ruler.

5. Dwarven Kingdom Names

When it comes to specific fantasy cultures and races, a generator can be helpful but do not forget about the standard differences between them in classic fantasy literature and fiction.

Dwarves are often the blue-collar group of fantasy. They live underground, harvest minerals and jewels, and are not afraid of hard work. They are often fierce and broad. Giving a dwarven kingdom a heavy or even clunky name can be appropriate and work well in fantasy.

6. Elven Kingdom Names

Elves are on the other spectrum of the social ladder from dwarves. Often lofty and sophisticated, they live in beautiful kingdoms that reflect their ancient pride and stature in the world. Using a generator online can help you create a kingdom name for your elves. Still, you can easily come up with something that sounds ancient, lofty, magical, and even pretentious or mysterious.

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