110 Fascinating Fluff Prompts For Your Next Attention-Grabbing Story

If you are looking for some inspiration for a simple, happy story, look no further. We have included hundreds of simple and fun ideas below to get you started. The prompts below include romance, fanfiction, friendship, and more. Read through this article and see which ideas will fascinate you, then grab a pen or start typing and see where the story takes you.

Random fluff prompts to help you get started

  • Sarah helps her sister through a breakup.
  • A young child learns how to make friends at school.
  • A single parent makes friends at her kid’s after-school club.
  • A young man learns how to cook.
  • The neighborhood teams up to create a beautiful garden for the elderly lady on the street.
  • A baker starts a business baking birthday cakes.
  • Person A decides to cook dinner for Person B.
  • A young girl meets her baby brother for the first time.
  • An unexpected phone call.
  • A chance encounter on the train.
  • A quiz show host loses the answers to the questions.
  • A random phone call changes a young girl’s life.
  • A girl’s new teddy bear can talk.

Fluff Prompts

Romantic prompts

  • Two strangers sit side by side in a café. It is raining outside, so neither can leave just yet. They strike up a conversation and realize they have a lot to talk about.
  • A girlfriend feels upset because she believes her boyfriend forgot their anniversary. He has a big surprise in store but wants to subvert her expectations.
  • A vet saves a girl’s cat’s life. The girl and the vet realize they are both cat owners and plan for their cats to hang out. Their cats become friends, but they become a lot more.
  • At a tropical festival, two strangers who have lost their friends walk to the beach separately to sit and watch the sunset. They meet on the beach and share the view.
  • At a café where people go to do online work, two strangers make eye contact. The guy wants to talk to the girl but cannot seem to find any courage to do so. She goes to pay and leaves the café, and the guy believes he has lost his chance. A short time later, he goes to pay for his coffee, and the barista gives him a note left by the girl, explaining that she had to rush, but she would like to meet here again at the same time next week.

  • A married couple approaching their 40th wedding anniversary plans a holiday abroad and falls in love again.
  • A man on a long drive thinks about his high school girlfriend.
  • Person A tries to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Person B.
  • Former lovers meet again for the first time in years.
  • A soon-to-be newlywed is trying to write their vows.
  • Two people filing for divorce start to fall in love all over again.
  • A married couple finally organizes a date night.
  • Parents finally have time to themselves after they put the kids to bed.
  • A girl wakes up in the middle of the night to a cute text from her boyfriend.

Friendship fluff prompts

  • The popular girl and the loner discover they have more in common than they thought. 
  • A teacher receives a thoughtful gift from her student. 
  • A girl wakes up and gets ready for her first day at college. 
  • A friendly dog shows up randomly at the character’s door. 
  • An old man on a park bench has many stories to share with a passerby. 
  • A high school reunion sees five friends come back together. 
  • A student starts a new part-time job and meets someone from her class.
  • Two friends decided to keep in touch when they left for different universities.

  • Friends throw a party on the beach. 
  • Friends borrow a van and take a road trip for the summer. 
  • Two underage friends sneak into a bar.
  • Two characters bond over their favorite band.
  • Former lovers realize how to be friends after the breakup.
  • Three friends take a trip to the amusement park.
  • A group of friends stays overnight in a haunted house.
  • Person A is having a bad day. She feels better when Person B calls her.

Fanfiction writing prompts

  • Use characters from your favorite shows, books, or movies and bring them into a new story.
  • Your favorite character wakes up in a different universe.
  • A story about the villain’s background.
  • There is an alternate universe where the villain is the hero, and the hero is the villain.
  • A class at Hogwarts takes a turn for the worse.
  • A dragon goes rogue.
  • A poorly cast spell leads to chaos in the home.
  • A young reader gets teleported into the world of their favorite story every night when the clock strikes midnight.
  • The hero and the villain fall in love.

  • Two superheroes keep bumping into each other, fighting the same crimes.
  • The protagonist receives a letter in the post. The letter tells him that he has been accepted to a school he had never applied for. After he reads it, the letter disintegrates.
  • A boy learns to cast spells with the help of a magic relative.
  • An arranged marriage, a prophecy, and a woman who breaks traditions.
  • The Avengers have to throw a surprise birthday party.
  • Batman gets invited to partake in a cooking show.
  • The Scooby gang does a talk show.
  • A Hogwarts murder mystery.

Fluff Prompts

Fluff dialogue prompts

Below are some dialog-based fluffy prompts to help you craft a cute and wholesome story.

  • ‘I’m glad you decided to meet up with me.’
  • ‘I love hearing your voice.’
  • ‘You’re my favorite person.’
  • ‘You. Me. Friday night.’
  • ‘I’ll trade you a kiss for a hug.’
  • ‘You look so nice in my clothes.’
  • ‘Is there anything I can do for you?’
  • ‘My favorite part of the day is seeing your face.’
  • ‘Was there something you wanted to tell me?’
  • ‘Do you feel any better?’
  • ‘It’s my turn to cook tonight.’
  • ‘What are we forgetting?’
  • ‘I’ve got something to tell you. It’s a secret, so you can’t tell anyone else..’
  • ‘You’re the only person for me.’
  • ‘You smell nice.’
  • ‘Since we met, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.’

  • ‘Can I kiss you? If not, can I hold your hand?’
  • Person A: ‘Don’t fall asleep!’ Person B: falls asleep.
  • ‘How did you get up here?’
  • ‘Can I come with you?’
  • ‘I promise I won’t tell anyone.’
  • ‘I wish I could spend more time with you.’
  • ‘As if I could forget your birthday..’
  • ‘Before you go, can you stay a little longer?’
  • ‘I love the warmth of your hugs.’
  • ‘I was looking forward to seeing you all week.’
  • ‘My friends say I talk about you all the time.’
  • ‘I have something really important to ask you..’
  • ‘I can’t believe she said yes!’
  • ‘I never knew you felt this way.’
  • ‘Your eyes are so blue.’
  • ‘How come I haven’t seen you around here before?’

First-line fluff prompts

Try these first lines to get your story off the ground.

  • He had never seen someone fly like that before.
  • It was not the first time he had seen her, and he hoped it would not be the last.
  • She had not even realized it was morning.
  • Seven days earlier, she would have made a very different decision.
  • Her life was never going to be the same.
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
  • James never knew just how important he was to the world.
  • Ciara knew her life would never be the same after that day.

Family fluff prompts

Wholesome ideas for a story about a family.

  • A family is relocating to a new house.
  • There is a new baby in the family.
  • A father reconnects with his children, whom he has not seen in years.
  • A group of brothers starts a band.
  • A family has a secret to protect.
  • A family meets for thanksgiving dinner, and each sibling has brought a new partner to meet the family.
  • A long-lost relative shows up at the front door.
  • A couple finds out they are pregnant with their first child.
  • A couple finds out they are pregnant with their fourth child.
  • A grandchild reunites older generations of a family.

Inspired yet?

Found inspiration for a happy story? Our long list of fluffy prompts should help you get started but look to the world around you for inspiration if you did not find anything here. From a random conversation, you overheard in a coffee shop to a short scene in your favorite TV show or movie, writing inspiration is to be found everywhere.

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