How Many Pages Is 1000 Words? Best Comparison: Handwriting And Typing

How many pages is 1000 words? Is it easier to write words than to type them? These are some questions I asked myself when I was studying for my degree in English Literature.

If you’re given the assignment to write a short story or essay that totals 1000, you may be wondering how many pages that is. Or perhaps it’s the other way around, and you have to write two pages, three pages, or a four-page document. You may be wondering what the word limit is. Aside from paying close attention to the word counter on the Word document or Google document, you may think there’s no real way of knowing.

This article will answer these questions for you. While there are certain factors and variables that will yield different results, most of the time, for a standard document, the number of pages vs. the word count is about the same. You may be surprised to know that even handwritten essays have about the same word count per page.

This article will discuss the variables associated with word counts vs. the number of pages and answer most questions a student, writer, or even teacher may have when it comes to setting a writing goal.

Handwritten Documents

The number of pages that correspond with word count, specifically 1000 words, is most difficult to estimate when considering a handwritten document. This is due to several factors.

Line Spacing

How many pages you’ll have if you write 1000 words by hand depends largely on line spacing. Most teachers and writers who write by hand prefer to have the pages double spaced. This makes the paper easier to edit, easier to read, and easier for word-counting purposes.

how many pages is 1000 words

Another factor in this is whether you are using college-ruled or wide-ruled paper. Both of these are great options, and it’s really a matter of preference. Due to the fact that the spaces are larger between lines in wide rule paper, there will be a larger number of pages if you are expected to write 1000 words.

A Student’s Handwriting

Some people write small, while others write in big, loopy handwriting. It’s always a good idea to try to write as neatly as possible, even if what you’re writing is for personal use and not to be turned in to a teacher, boss, or another person. 

There’s nothing worse than having a great thought, writing it down, and then not being able to read your own writing when you come back to it.

How Long Does It Take to Write 1000 Words?

The average writer who handwrites a 1,000-word piece of writing usually takes 50 minutes to finish the task. However, if your writing requires comprehensive research, then 50 minutes will not be enough. When research is involved, the time can stretch up to 6.6 hours. This length of time will vary depending on the requirements of the scope, subject and genre.

1000 Words, How Many Pages?

If paragraph structure is standard, the handwriting is neat and not too large, and the writing is single-spaced, how many pages is 1000 words? The answer is: four pages. If double spacing is employed due to personal reasons or spacing guidelines, you can expect anywhere from eight to ten pages in a handwritten document per 1000 words.

Typed Documents

A required element of many assignments is that the document must be typed. There are often other requirements in place, such as a minimum word count, a minimum page count, or a word count requirement.

It doesn’t matter much which writing program you choose. Microsoft Word (MS Word), Google Docs, and most other programs are all basically the same when you are writing an essay. What does matter is the format that is required by whoever has set the assignment. 

Pay attention to the specific needs or requirements set for the work. You don’t want to type a 1,000-word essay for your college application just to realize at the completion of your work that your font size, line spacing, or font type is not what is expected of you.

Spacing Options

To determine the number of words that will fit on the page of a word document, you need to consider line spacing. You have two standard spacing options.

Single Spacing

When you single space, 1,000 words is about two pages. Approximately 500 words will fit on one page if the typing was done in single spacing format. This is not often the preferred typing method because single-spaced work is harder to edit, revise, and make notes on. Your finished draft may be single-spaced, but double spacing is usually preferred when doing a rough draft or even a revision.

There are, however, instances in which single spacing is standard practice. For example, when you write a blog post, it’s typically done in a single-spaced fashion. The same goes when you design and contribute to the content of a website. Journalism and the writing of an article are also done using single spacing.

How long is 1000 words double spaced?

When your work is double spaced, how many pages is 1,000 words? The answer to that question is: about four pages. Most teachers prefer that you double-space your work, at least in the rough draft, so that notes can be made in the space between the lines. Double-spaced work is often easier to read, as well.

how many pages is 1000 words

Other Spacing Options

Another spacing option is 1.5 spacing. This isn’t used often and seems to be used only as a personal preference of some writers and very few teachers. When this method of spacing is used, 1,000 words is typically around three pages.

Aside from these three options, there are rarely other spacing methods used.

Font Size

Font size will factor into the page count if you are trying to get to 1000 words in Microsoft Word or another writing program. While the font size requirement for any work may vary, ten or twelve-point font size is standard. Your title for your work may be bigger than that, but that is up to the writer, the professor, or the employer.

Font Style

The preferred fonts, or standard fonts, are Times New Roman font and Arial font for most typed articles, essays, or other typed work. These are the two most common fonts and are often the set requirements for assigned work. Font size and font type are often required elements of any assigned work to be turned in for any assignment or publication. Other font types are harder to read, edit, format and are either too large or too small to look professional.

How Long Does it Take to Type 1000 Words?

If you are an average writer writing for enjoyment, the approximate time that it would take you to type a 1,000-words is generally 25 minutes, with an expected speed of 40 words per minute. This time frame could extend up to approximately 3.3 hours if there is a need for extensive research or insertion of complementary sources like images or graphs. The extended time frame is based on the average speed of 5 words per minute for more intricate works.

How Many Words, How Many Pages?

Considering everything mentioned in this article, how many pages is 1000 words? Let’s recap. How many pages you end up with when writing 1000 words largely depends on whether you have double-spaced or single-spaced. The page count will also depend on how many paragraphs you have, the font size, and the font style. Below is a quick reference and example.

Single Spaced

One page of single-spaced work is approximately 500 words. So 1000 words is twice that many pages.

Answer: Two pages

Double Spaced

One page of double-spaced work is approximately 250 words. So 1000 words is twice that many pages.

Answer: Four pages


Four pages of single-spaced handwritten pages is 1000 words. This means that double-spaced pages will equal eight to ten pages depending upon handwriting, paragraph structure, and neatness.

How Many Paragraphs Is 1000 Words?

If you are writing an academic essay, 1,000 words is approximately five to ten paragraphs, with an average paragraph length of 100 to 200 words. However, if you are writing a typical essay, 1,000 words can range from 10 to 20 paragraphs, with 50 to 100 words per paragraph. As for online content or articles, they often contain approximately 80 words per paragraph. Therefore, a 1,000-word piece usually has between 10 to 20 paragraphs in it.

A Parting Tip: Just Write

The number of words, number of pages, whether it’s Times New Roman, and other such rules and requirements should be the finishing touches put on your work. Even when you’re assigned an essay with a topic you have no interest in, the content is still far more important than any formatting requirements.

When you work on an essay or story, try not to worry about how many pages you have completed and worry about the content first. On computers, things like spacing and font are easy and quick things you can change. You can always go back and delete unnecessary words if you have too many or add content if you don’t have enough words. The meat of the content is what really matters. How many pages you end up with can be tweaked later in editing.

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