How Many Pages Is 1500 Words? Word Count, Spaces And Best Practices

So, how many pages is 1500 words? The answer will vary based on a few factors, but it is generally three pages single-spaced and six pages double-spaced. When setting a writing goal for a college thesis, essay, or novel, people often think in terms of word count or page count. Or, if you’re assigned or choose to write a short story, to qualify as a true short story, it needs to stay under 1,500 words.

How many pages is 1500 words?

Three Pages

How many words fit on a page depends on a few factors, but the spacing is the most crucial factor to this equation. Some might argue that pages don’t matter if you’re simply going for word count, but sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes you’re going for page count and need to know how many words that will produce. Three pages is 1,500 words when you use single spacing.

How many pages is 1500 words, word count pages

Six Pages

If your work is double spaced, as many instructors require you to do, as double spacing is easier to edit and read, you will end up with six pages. The number of words that will fit on a page of double-spaced writing is 250, typically.

When The Word Counter Matters

Short stories should stay under 1,500 words, and most medium-length blog posts are 1500 words. This is also true of short-form news articles. Knowing that 1500 words are three pages single spaced or six pages double spaced is beneficial because you know how much content you will end up with with a defined number of words.

Paragraph Spacing Settings and Font Size

In writing software such as Microsoft Word, spacing settings allow the writer to customize their work to have single-spaced, double-spaced or even 1.5 spacing. The number of pages double spaced font produces is different from the number of pages single spacing will produce, so be sure to pay attention if you’ve been assigned to write a certain number of pages. Knowing exactly how many words fit on a page can help you to figure out how many words you’re going to have to write.

How many pages is 1500 words, word count pages

Font Size

The standard font size is 12 point, but sometimes different publications require a smaller or larger size. Any alteration to this standard size will affect the word counts per page, so be sure to take that into consideration before you begin writing. For example, if you’ve been asked to write in size 10 Arial font, the answer to “How many pages is 1,500 words?” will not be three single-spaced or six pages double-spaced.

Character Count

1500 word count is about 9000 characters, which is just about as broken down as you can get in figuring out things like this. Keep in mind that all of this is just basic math, so whether you’re trying to figure out how many pages 1500 words, or how many pages 50,000 words is, simply knowing that you can fit 500 single-spaced words to a page, or 250 double spaced words to a page, will always get you an answer.

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