How Many Pages Is 2000 Words? Word Count, Spaces And Best Practices

Setting writing goals or being assigned a word goal for a paper may leave you wondering: How many pages is 2000 words? Knowing the answer to this can help you decipher how many pages of content you may need to come up with and can settle some of the pressure you may feel over the large number of words.

Many college essays, operating manuals, and blog articles have around the same number of words: 2,000. Page length may vary depending upon character count, headings, format, and how many paragraphs you have included. How do you answer the question of how many pages you end up with after writing 2,000 words?

The answer to this question is fairly simple. 2000 words is eight pages double spaced, and four pages single-spaced. This article will explain further how that number came to be.

What Factors Contribute to Estimating 2,000 Words Page Count?

The following are things to consider when estimating the page count for 2,000 words.

  • Are the pages double spaced?
  • Are words double spaced after periods?
  • Are the words single-spaced?
  • Have you formatted your work to a standard double-spaced page?
  • Have you formatted your work to a standard single-spaced page?
  • Is your work single-spaced, handwritten pages?
  • Are you using word processing software?
  • What are your paragraph spacing settings?
  • What are the exact parameters of your writing assignment?
  • What font style are you using?
  • Are you using Times New Roman or Arial font?
  • Are you using normal margins?
  • Does your word counter count all words?
  • What does your document format look like?

How Many Pages Is 2000 Words

Having the answer to these questions will get you an exact number, but there are ways that you can estimate the word count if you don’t need a definitive answer. You can do it by reading on and going with spacing. You can do it by counting how many sentences you have per page because a sentence typically has 15-20 words. Depending upon line spacing, you can estimate the amount of words by multiplying the number of sentences by 15-20.

However, the easiest way to know the answer to this question is just to remember that 2000 words are 4 pages single spaced or 8 pages double spaced.

Word Count: How Many Words?

How many words can a writer realistically expect to write in one sitting? Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day, even when he isn’t working on a book. Many other authors also have this word count goal each day.

Many assigned stories, research papers, and essays have hefty mandated word counts or page counts associated with them. So if that number is 2000 words, you will probably ask yourself before you even start: How many pages is that?

Many writers find it easier to break a large word count down to page count instead. It makes the task seem more attainable and far less daunting. When you’re assigned a hefty paper, is it scarier to focus on word count, pages or keep a close eye on both? Many people would much rather look at a set number of pages than a word count that is in the thousands.

2000 Words Double Spaced

When double spaced, 2,000 words is eight pages in length. Double spacing is often the preferred method of writing, especially for first drafts, because it is much easier to edit and proofread than when you have words single-spaced.

Double spacing is also easier to read, and if you have to read your work aloud or give a presentation, it is easier to keep track of where you are and keep your place if you have pages double spaced. Again, 2000 words double spaced is 8 pages.

how many pages is 2000 words

2000 Words Single Spaced

When you have pages single-spaced, you can fit many more words on a page. 2000 words is four pages single-spaced. There are many instances in which things are published with pages single-spaced. Most novels, newspaper articles, and longer-form blog posts are single-spaced.

If you are writing for your own pleasure and just prefer the formatting of single-spaced work, then it is advantageous to know that four pages is 2,000 words.

Times New Roman Font, and Font Size

Most typing is done in one of two fonts: Times New Roman or Arial. Also, the standard font size is 12 point. These are essential factors in estimating page count and determining how many pages is 2,000 words.

How Long Does It Take to Type 2000 Words?

For the average writer, you should be able to type 2,000 words within approximately 50 minutes. However, some factors do affect this speed. Such as, if you are working on a piece that requires intensive research, along with the inclusion of hyperlinks, citation of sources, or incorporation of images or graphs, the time frame can extend up to 6.7 hours.

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