How Many Pages is 500 Words? Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices!

How many pages is 500 words? 500 words are the standard length for a lot of news articles. A word count minimum is often given when an essay assignment is given in high school or college, and 500 is a common one. Most documents are written using word processors when using a standard format, yielding the same results. 500 words is one full page single spaced and two pages double spaced.

This is dependent upon several factors, such as formatting. A standard essay or article is written with 1″ margins, in 12 point Times New Roman font or Arial font. Word counts vary slightly depending upon other things like punctuation, number of words per paragraph, number of sentences per paragraph, and number of paragraphs.

how many pages is 500 words

How Many Words is 1 Page?

The details of your writing make a slight difference, but for the purpose of standard essays, it’s safe to assume that the number of pages when single spacing is used is one and two pages double spaced.


Double spacing often makes it easier to proofread, and a lot of rough drafts are double spaced for that purpose. When you have words double spaced, notes can be added between lines, and double spaced pages are also easier when you have to read aloud. Pages double-spaced is what most college and high school teachers ask for when they assign essays, and double spacing is also what most students, authors, and journalists tend to prefer for their first drafts.

How many pages is 500 words when single spacing is used? When everything is formatted in a standard fashion, a single-spaced document word count is typically 500 words. Page count differs slightly when you start to manipulate other factors and settings like font size and font type.

The answer to how many pages is 500 words also depends on spacing after a period at the end of a sentence. Some people single space, while others choose to double space. Believe it or not, this can change your page count if you have enough sentences on the page.

Word Counter

If you use the word counter tool as you write, you can keep track of how many pages you are writing compared to the number of words. If you have double-spaced pages and the font size is set at 12 and New Roman, then two pages should get you there. As mentioned above, one page is about 500 words when single-spaced.

Sentences and Paragraphs

A standard paragraph consists of five sentences. This is not a hard rule; it’s just an average. You’ll get similar results as far as page count in an essay if some of your paragraphs are less or more sentences (assuming that your margins are set to one inch).

Also, internal links detract from your word count, so the more you include in your writing, the longer your paper will have to be before you get to your mandated word count of 500. The answer to the question of how many pages will your paper be if it’s supposed to be 500 words varies. When it comes to pages, how many paragraphs are on a standard page essay? That answer is between five to ten.

how many pages is 500 words

Word Count, Pages, Font Size, and More

“How many pages is 500 words?” It is a question that many students have wondered as they contemplated writing something they were assigned that they didn’t want to do. Things like how many words you can fit onto one page, how many words you need for two pages, and the number of words vs. the number of pages are things that can distract you when you really just need to write. Decisions about things like font size should be: small enough to be read clearly, but not too small.

Word counter tools can be handy to check along the way, but if you are concerned with words, how many pages you’re up to, and what the number of pages your finished product will be, you aren’t focusing on the content of the page, and are risking a poorly written document. It’s sometimes best just to write and worry about the number of words later.

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Double Spaced?

A 500-word manuscript, when double spaced, consumes 1.8 pages. This estimate does not include illustrations, images, photos, tables, graphs, or other visual representations. If these additional elements are included, then 1.8 pages would not be enough. In this case, you may need to go beyond 1.8 pages, as long as the inserted elements make sense and support the entirety of your manuscript.

How Long Does It Take to Write 500 Words?

For the average writer, it will take 12.5 minutes to type 500 words. If you handwrite it, it will take up to 25 minutes to complete the task. If additional tasks also need to be performed, such as researching, hyperlinking, and including supporting materials, the estimated time frame would be 1.7 hours.

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