How To Write A Book In BitLife—A Guide To Be The Next Best Writer

Want to write a book and become a famous writer in BitLife? This article will walk you through how to write a book in BitLife – Life Simulator to become the next best and most famous writer. The first step on the journey to writing a book in BitLife is to work as a writer. Once you get a job as a writer, you can then write a book. The more books you write, the more chance you will achieve fame and success. So how do you become a writer in the first place?

How to become a famous author in BitLife and how to write a book in Bitlife

Becoming a writer is relatively simple in BitLife. All you need to do is follow the guide below.

How To Write A Book In BitLife

1. Graduate high school

First things first, you simply need to graduate from high school. With a high school diploma under your belt, you can apply for a writing job. You can earn a university degree if you wish, but doing so is not a prerequisite for becoming an author and writing a book.

2. Look for a job

To apply for the writing job, go to ‘look for a job.’ If you focused on keeping your smart stats high throughout high school, or if you got a university degree, then landing the writer job should be relatively easy.

If you cannot find the writer position in the job search, refresh by closing the app and starting again or reopening the tab. After a few tries, you should see the option to become a writer, if not for the first time.

3. Pass the interview

After you have applied, there will be an interview for the role. If you pass the initial interview, then you will get a writer job. Since you are already smart, getting the job will not be a problem. However, once you have got it, you still need to work hard and get to the level of fame where you can successfully write a book.

4. Work hard

When you are accepted to the writing position, regularly check in with your ‘job‘ tab and click the ‘work harder‘ option. Working hard is how you maintain your smart stats and the fame you have earned.

5. Become a famous writer

During your BitLife writing career, you have the opportunity to earn more achievements and stats. The better you do, the more you will be rewarded. The best BitLife writer earns the famous ribbon ‘become a famous author‘. After twenty consecutive years as a writer, you will unlock the Writer Career Achievement.

6. Write a book

Once you have achieved fame as a writer, enter the activity tab. Apply your new fame, and earn lots of money. You can write a book, become even more famous and wealthy, work with brands on commercials, and even appear on talk shows.

You can publish as many books as you like on BitLife, but since writing books takes time, the game only allows you to publish books every few years.

How to write a book, become a famous author and famous writer

Tips for progress

Prepare for the life of a writer

If you want to progress quickly as a writer, start preparing early in the game. As often and as much as you can, upgrade your character’s stats so that their smart stats are high. Aim for an 85% to 90% ‘smart‘ level to give yourself the best chance of a lucrative BitLife writing career. You probably will not achieve such high smart stats at the beginning of the game. However, you can boost them quickly by studying at the library and keeping your mood and brain balanced by exercising.

Manage your stats

Bear in mind the importance of other stats, too. The whole point of the game is to manage those stats in such a way that helps your character thrive. Consider your character’s happiness and sadness levels. If their sadness levels are low, your character may not have the energy or motivation to work. Physical appearance is less important for BitLife writers than for BitLife actors, singers, and performing artists.

After working for a few years in the writer position, your fame bar will appear and grow. To maintain your fame and other important stats, maintain your character’s well-being. Improve their happiness by going to the gym—keep them smart by regularly studying at the library and focusing on meditation.


BitLife – Life Simulator lets you create and lead a new life on your phone. The game involves education and career progression to give the player the sense of a life lived and a successful career formed. Becoming a writer on BitLife is just one of over twenty potential career paths. So, once you have become a famous writer, what will you do next?

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