Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? 4 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself

If you are a writer or have a job that requires professional correspondence or emails, you have probably heard of Grammarly. Deciding whether to upgrade to Grammarly Premium or keep the free version can be challenging.

If you need help with things like spelling mistakes and basic punctuation errors, then Grammarly Free may be all you need. However, if you are a writer who would benefit from a plagiarism check, improving your writing skills, and getting tone suggestions, the premium version may be best for you. But is Grammarly Premium worth it?

Grammarly Premium Version vs. Grammarly Free Version

If you are just starting to write, or are a student, or you really want to get into a writing career, then carefully weighing things out is something you must do before spending any money on a premium version of any program.

Some people rely on the free version because they already get the help they need to make their writing good. But what if there is a premium version that could offer so much more help than the free version could provide? What if the premium version could help you shine and potentially improve your career because of the amazing writing support you can get from the premium version?

This article will break down the differences between the free version (Grammarly Free) and the premium version (Grammarly Premium) and help you decide what the best version of Grammarly is suitable for you.

Grammarly Free Version

The free version of Grammarly offers a lot of help to most writers. You may be thinking that regular writing programs that come standard on most computers check for spelling mistakes, so having an extra program taking up space on your computer or downloading a browser extension is a waste of time.

However, there are key differences between Grammarly and the regular spell check you find in an MS Office program—even in the free version.

Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes Caught with the Use of AI

Because Grammarly uses artificial intelligence or AI, it is superior to the spelling and grammar checks you find in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can also use Grammarly on your tablet or phone and download the Grammarly keyboard so that your documents created across all of your devices get the same superb level of help that your computer or laptop documents get.

Grammar mistakes made on your device are picked up by a grammar checker that understands grammar rules about what you are writing and offers suggestions that make sense.

Grammar Checkers on Google Docs or Microsoft Word

How many times have you been typing something, and that green squiggly line in Microsoft Word or Google Docs ends up underneath your text? Then you click on it to see the issue, only to find out that the program thinks you need to change something based on its built-in grammar checker that makes no sense.

This is annoying and can lead a writer to change their content’s formatting, wording, or writing style to satisfy the subpar grammar checker, affecting their confidence. The difference between the grammar checker that you see in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and the grammar checker in even the free version of Grammarly is not running off the same technology.

Grammarly uses AI, which means it is not just an algorithm acting as your grammar checker. It uses everything from your writing style to your content to decipher whether or not you need help with a spelling mistake or grammar error. Not all grammar checkers are created equally.

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Grammarly Premium

If you are a student, content editor, writer, author, or journalist, think about what an AI-run plagiarism, spelling, and grammar checker could do for you. Imagine installing a simple Grammarly keyboard on your tablet or phone and working on an assigned article, paper, or essay on the go and not having to worry about whether or not you are going to get inadvertently hit with a plagiarism accusation.

Imagine being a writer with accessible plagiarism, spelling, and grammar checkers run by AI at your disposal. The program learns your writing style and provides suggestions based on your writing style.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Considering that Grammarly’s premium version costs are not cheap for many writers, you really have to weigh your options and consider the investment carefully. Is Grammarly Premium something that would really benefit you? Do you need a plagiarism check for your content? Do you need to ensure your writing style is consistent? Do you need help with creative writing or basic grammar? Let us dig deeper and discover the cost and the benefits that Grammarly’s free and premium versions can offer.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

There are three versions of Grammarly available to writers and consumers. There is the free version, which offers basic help but can still help you to reach your writing goals. The premium version offers advanced writing assistance, such as vocabulary enhancement, spelling, grammar, and writing insights like sentence structure and parallelism. The premium version also checks the tone of your writing, the use of passive sentences, and, importantly, checks for plagiarism.

There is also a third tier offered in the Play Store, App Store, or Grammarly website. This is Grammarly Business, and unlike Grammarly in its other two versions, this writing assistant offers help that caters more to business-type correspondence and business communications.

We will only compare Grammarly at its free and premium tiers for this article, although the help and vocabulary enhancements and services offered in the business version are also fantastic.

1. Grammarly Free

The free version of Grammarly is helpful and is easy to install. You simply download the browser extension on your computer or device, along with the Grammarly keyboard tool for devices. You will then access an AI-run spell checker and an online grammar checker.

Correct spelling and grammar are essential to anyone who needs to write anything, from students in their first English class to professional writers. Grammarly users have found that the benefits of this digital writing tool are far superior at helping them fix grammatical and spelling errors than their dictionary, human proofreader, or the writing software, such as MS Word and Google Docs.

2. Grammarly Premium Cost

Is Grammarly Premium worth paying for? Grammarly Premium offers more tools at your disposal. With the help of the Grammarly online editor, you can improve the quality of your writing, from your social media posts to your thesis paper to a novel you are writing. College students who need help with papers or authors trying to reach their writing goals will find that the use of the premium features is well worth the cost.

Many people are willing to pay for the premium version, so they do not need to worry about minor and time-consuming writing errors. This is especially true when the premium version helps them achieve their preferred writing style and create social media posts that help draw attention to promote their work. The Grammarly price for the premium version depends on how often you want to pay and how much you can pay at one time.

3. Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually

You can pay for the premium version of the Grammarly app for your phone or tablet, the Grammarly desktop app, or the Grammarly Chrome extension (also available for most other browsers) on a monthly, quarterly basis, or annual basis. The prices for 2022 are as follows:

  • Monthly: $30
  • Quarterly: $60
  • Annually: $144

Is Grammarly Premium Right For You?

Grammarly Premium is a program that you have to pay for, and for some writers and students, it is a relatively large investment. Deciding whether to spend that sort of money on Grammarly Premium can be difficult, especially when you do not have a lot of disposable income if you are just getting started in the writing field or are a student. It may be beneficial to ask yourself some questions to help you decide whether the Grammarly Premium version of the program is right for you.

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1. How Familiar Are You With the English Language?

This question does not just pertain to writers or students for whom English is their second or even third language. It is a question for everyone. Do you have a firm grasp of the different ways in which English is written, spoken, and read in areas outside of where you live? Grammarly recognizes and understands English for Canadians, Americans, Australians, and British. This can be very helpful to someone like a freelance writer, who at any point could find themselves living in Canada but writing for a company or publication in Australia.

The premium version offers help with the different grammar errors that might arise when writing to an audience that consists of more than just the readers in your geographic area.

2. Do You Have Issues with Writing Flow?

Do you find that you often have or even sometimes have issues with things like sentence structure, sentence length, unnecessary punctuation, that grammar checking on a regular word document does not include, problems with tone, overused words, or low readability?

The Premium version offers more than just standard grammar checking. It looks for more writing opportunities and provides recommendations to ensure a consistent writing style. You cannot get this from other programs’ simple and basic algorithms. Grammarly compares things like over usage of words, tone, clarity, dialogue, and readability. If you have ever written something and find that the finished product is clunky or awkward, Grammarly can help you.

3. Is a Plagiarism Checker Something You Need?

If you are a writer who worries about plagiarism for a professional writing job, then Grammarly premium could be an indispensable tool worth the cost. If, however, you write for pleasure or personal reasons, the premium version may not be worth the investment, and you can simply use the free version to catch spelling and grammar errors conveniently.

If you are a blogger, for example, writing for self-reflection or reviewing things that you have experienced firsthand, you may be better off with the free version as long as your writing, grammar, and spelling skills are strong.

4. What Do You Write?

Depending upon the type of writing that you do, you may not need or really benefit much from a paid version of an online writing assistant. So, think about the kind of content you often write and ask yourself whether or not you need an online writing assistant. If not, use the free version. If yes, take advantage of the premium version and give yourself peace of mind as you write.

Are You Blogging, or an Influencer, or Personal Writer?

Are you a blogger, social media influencer, or writer who writes for their pleasure, mental health, or emotional well-being? If so, you may never need anything more than what the free version of Grammarly offers. Depending upon how strong your writing skills are, you may be better off sticking to the free version.

Are You a High School or College Student?

If you are a student and writing is something you want to do professionally after completing your education, the upgraded version may be just the right tool for you. If you are or are planning to be an English or Writing major, and could use the help of the tools that the premium tier of Grammarly offers, then the investment may well be worth it. The overall Grammarly review from many students and even instructors is overwhelmingly positive.

Are You a Freelance Journalist, Journalist, or Newspaper Staff?

If you are a professional writer in any capacity, you may think that the basic help you can get through a program like Google Docs or MS Word is all you need. Many writers may think that they do not need any help outside of what they already have at their disposal because they work under an editor or proofreader.

While it may be true that editors deal with the same issues that Grammarly takes on, imagine the boost to your career that you could experience if your editor did not have to fix things like grammar issues, clarity issues, or readability issues.

Getting ahead in your chosen field of work, especially if that field is journalism, is often based mainly upon your skillset in writing and clarity. An editor not having to spend a lot of time each week when your articles, features, or editorials come through screening for plagiarism, grammar, or spelling mistakes will often view those professional writers as more deserving of raises, promotions, or bigger assignments.

Are You a Novelists or Author?

If your work has been published or you are seeking publication for a book that you have written, you may notice the time spent editing your work and trying to fix your mistakes is tedious and time-consuming work. Imagine writing a novel and being able to fix it as you go because the program is telling you along the way that you have used the word “apt” many times, and you need to consider using a different word. Is that something you would have picked up when you re-read your work? Maybe. Or maybe not. But Grammarly Premium certainly would.

Are You a Writing Teacher or Instructor?

When you are an instructor and have to prepare lectures, you need to be a good example to your students. If you have a handout that you have prepared, it needs to be error-free for many reasons. The premium version offers the peace of mind that good writing is achieved, as the person responsible for teaching other budding writers.

Grammarly Review

You can find many websites and testimonials offering a Grammarly review of all three of the versions provided by the company. Overwhelmingly, time and time again, you will find a positive Grammarly review rather than a bad one.

Usually, the only negative thing about this program is that a writer invested in the paid version and did not find that they needed it, but many writers could benefit from it. We will now discuss some things that set Grammarly apart from other writing assistant tools available for purchase online.

is grammarly premium worth it, plagiarism checker

1. Grammarly is Encrypted

Some people do not trust browser extensions because they are not always safe. If there is a leak or a hack occurs, your work could be stolen, your information could be sold, and you could end up at a pretty major loss. Grammarly’s browser extension, available for most browsers, is encrypted, making your work safe. This adds a level of protection that sets the minds of many users at ease.

2. Grammarly is Available on Nearly Any Device

Whether you use Apple, Windows, or Android products, you can use Grammarly. If you write on a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer, you can use Grammarly. You can use a desktop app if you do not like browser extensions, and you can download the app and the keyboard to use this program on your phone or tablet. You are not tied down to only one technology when you use Grammarly. You can access and use this program in the office using a desktop or a tablet at the park.

3. Grammarly Offers Coupons and Discounts

A quick search on the internet will turn up lots of coupons and discounts for this program. The program also sometimes runs promotions offering the program at a lower price for a small amount of time. Also, because the program has a free version, you can try that tier for as long as you want and decide to upgrade later when your needs have changed.

Grammarly Premium is Worth the Cost for Most Writers

Grammarly is a superior program to what you find built-in on your laptop or device to help you with spelling and grammar. The technology that runs it learns the way you write. You can select the genre or audience you are writing for, and Grammarly will offer suggestions on tone, words, and terminology that are most effective to your audience and writing style.

After writing, you can rest assured knowing that it isn’t at any risk of being associated with plagiarism. After all, the program checks it against over 16 billion different websites. It will alert you to similarities between your work and someone else’s, as well as show you those direct comparisons.

Grammarly Premium is Packed with Perks

Most writers could benefit from the unpaid version of Grammarly, and sticking solely to that tier of the program is just fine for those who cannot personally justify the cost of the upgrade due to their writing needs or skill set in writing. Grammarly Premium is a beefed-up version of the free version that offers many features that benefit nearly any writer. While the decision is best made individually, Grammarly Premium is more than worth the cost.

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