AI Script Generator Tools That Help You Create Incredible Content

If you need help with ideas for a story or want a fun way to create content, blogs, articles, and stories, an AI story generator tool is a great way to accomplish this goal. 

AI story generator or AI script generator tools are a great way to harness your creativity and help you to develop and create characters, plots, and stories. 

This article will walk you through what an AI story generator is, as well as how to use AI story writing tools so that you can produce an AI story via AI story generators.

Are You Still A Writer If You Write Stories With An AI Script Generator?

When first introduced to the idea of using an AI story writing tool to help with creative writing, many writers had one concern: the work is no longer legitimate. 

This simply isn’t true. 

While you can certainly use the technology to create engaging stories, help create a story plot, and generate stories, what you as the writer bring to the table makes it your own.

Are Writers Being Replaced?

Story generator tools that use AI for content creation will not replace human writers. 

When using this technology, you are still the story writer, and you can use story generators to help you as little or as much as you wish. Whether the output produced is an exciting or engaging story is up to you as the writer.

You still have to feed the artificial intelligence program data and keywords to generate content. You still do the work. 

AI story generator is simply a tool to help you, much like a writing prompt, to inspire fresh and interesting ideas so that you can write compelling stories. 

The difference between these programs and writing prompts is that you use artificial intelligence to write engaging stories rather than a format that gives you ideas and leaves you to your own devices.

AI Story Generator

To create stories that an audience is going to want to read, you need to be able to come up with creative stories.

Whether you plan on writing blog posts, scripts, long-form stories, or essays, an AI story generator tool can help you.

Some of the best AI story generator tools today can help you write stories, blog articles, essays, and more. Costs vary, but many have free trials. 

Be sure to read reviews by people who have used these programs to see if they may be right for you.

Anyword AI Story Generator

This AI story generator can do a lot. It’s not limited to just helping you with story ideas. 

It will also help you with blogs, marketing, and emails. 

So if you need help writing but are not an actual story writer, this may be a great program. 

You can get help so that you can generate content of all types with the use of artificial intelligence.

This powerful AI story generator tool can generate stories and content and has tiers for pricing and features. It can be affordable for any story writer or team member looking for that edge in email writing.

The Price

Ranging from just under $20/month for their starter membership to $239/month for their business membership and offering a custom membership with a personalized price, most writers can work it out so that it’s within their budget. 

Many companies would benefit from using this story generator in the office.

There is also a seven-day free trial that does not require using a credit card. 

This is a relief to the story writer on a budget and can’t risk having their credit or debit card run as they look for a program to help them create stories.

AI Script generator

Article Forge AI Story Tool

AI story generators use algorithms and artificial intelligence to create content in just a few seconds based on the data and keywords you put into the program. 

Even an amateur writer can figure out most of these AI writing tools, as they are geared to be user-friendly and simply put together. 

Article Forge can help with story writing, but it goes beyond helping you develop engaging AI-based stories.

Article Forge uses natural language processing or NLP. 

This means it uses Deep Learning to process and understand complicated concepts quickly. 

Machine learning can seem somewhat off-putting, but when you see what these AI tools are capable of, you can’t help but be impressed.

This story-writing tool uses natural language processing to keep up with you as you write. 

With machine learning your style and the concepts of your content, you can be writing sentences, and it can jump in when you get stuck to help you avoid a rut, writer’s block, or a plot hole. 

These are AI-generated stories so much as AI-assisted stories.

This AI story generator also offers the feature of automatic publishing. So if you’re writing a blog post, for example, you can opt to have it published as soon as the story generator tool has helped you write it. 

It is user-friendly and requires no previous knowledge or experience with AI story writing tools.

The Price

This is one of the AI story generator tools that boasts the ability to write high-quality content. I’m talking human-quality content. 

Best with long-form content, the pricing for this story generator is offered in two options. 

You can opt to pay monthly for $57/month, or you can pay annually and get a discount so that you’ll pay just under $30/month.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI story generator tools are best if you plan to write long-form content. 

The quality mimics the work of a typical human writer, and you can create your own stories and create long-form content in just a few minutes with this program.

Writing stories with the ability to overcome writer’s block is a walk in the park using Shortly. 

You can quickly write stories with this convenient tool that uses advanced AI algorithms and offers a clean interface, so you’re not distracted. 

Your writing skills, whether it’s novel writing, social media posting, or blogs, will improve if you’re the sort of person who finds themselves writing in circles, faced with writer’s block reasonably often, or just need help coming up with engaging content.

The Price

Unlike many AI story writing tools, Shortly is excellent for story writers because it doesn’t have a credit system. 

With this program, you get unlimited AI output credits. This is a huge advantage for many writers because you won’t find yourself distracted trying to write a creative story that fits within the strict parameters of a word count cap for the price bracket you’ve paid.

Shortly also offers a free trial without the need to input credit card information. 

After the free trial, you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription. 

As with most programs that allow for these sorts of options, you save a little money when you pay annually. Monthly, the program costs $79/month. Annually, it comes out to $65/month.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI, previously called Jarvis AI, is a great AI story generator that not only assists you in creating great stories and content but it also helps you create characters who are complex, believable, and three-dimensional.

Jasper comes with a ton of templates (over fifty) and is a great AI story generator for people who aren’t creative, have trouble developing characters or a plot, or simply want to experiment with AI-generated stories.

You can use the program to create content to upload to an e-reader; it supports over twenty languages and is very user-friendly.

The Price

There are two options to choose from when it comes to pricing, and we’ll take a moment to explain each.

Starter Plan

The Starter mode of this AI story generator costs $29 per month and is perfect for people who want to create short content. 

However, if you want to write a full-length AI story, this is most likely not the best package for you, as there is a word cap of 20,000 words per month. 

To give you an idea of how much that is, the average novel is about 100,000 words.

So if you want to write the best full-length AI story, you’d have to stretch out the work over five months on this plan. While affordable, it’s not practical for long-form content.

Boss Mode

Boss mode is the second option you can purchase to use Jasper AI. 

The price has recently been cut in half and is now $60/month. 

While this membership tier also comes with a word limit, it offers much more freedom to write amazing stories without worrying about keeping things brief. 

The word limit with the Boss Mode package is 45,000 words per month.

AI Script Generator

A story written for a play, a television show, or a film requires a screenplay. A screenplay requires a script.

The task can be very challenging for those who wish to or must write a script. 

Not only does dialogue take a tremendous amount of effort and thought, but there are stage directions, camera directions, setting descriptions, and more.

Using AI story-generated content for your script is a great way to get past all of the anxieties that can come with writing a screenplay or script. 

From the story background to the actual lines of dialogue, there are AI story generators that can help you every step of the way. You will only have to plug in a few of your own words and direction.

AI Script generator


This is a very interesting and niche program for script writing, as long as you’re a fan of the show Friends. 

By simply plugging in a prompt, the program will give you AI-generated content for a new script that has never been written, generating stories that occur to the characters and in the world of the hit TV show Friends.

While this is more for fun and fans of the show than a serious way to write scripts, you can use it to create captivating stories for any script needed. 

The best part is that it exists as a free version. 

This makes it an excellent starting point if you’d like to experiment with AI-assisted script writing to see if it’s something you would like to use more seriously.

Seb Scholl’s TV Script Generator

Another niche script writing AI story generator, this program uses prompts input by the user to develop scripts similar to what would be used for the hit television show Seinfeld.

While it may be easy to scoff at by saying this tool is for entertainment purposes only, it may be valuable to remember that Seinfeld is literally marketed as “the show about nothing” and provides the basis for other shows of a similar theme.

Think of the sitcoms you enjoyed after Jerry Seinfeld’s hit. 

Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Letterkenny are shows about friends who simply sit around and experience life together.

This program can help you develop scripts that will work for any of the shows listed above and any show, play, or movie that follows the same format. 

With a bit of tweaking, this, or Uragirii could be hugely helpful to the write script writer.

This is another free and unlimited program, making it, at the very least, worth a try.


This AI story generator is a highly functional one that can not only write a script but also understand and interpret the personalities, feelings, and descriptions you give the characters.

There are, however, drawbacks to this program. 

You cannot extract the scripts written without a license. 

You can, however, use this program to input information from your existing script when you’re stuck in a tricky spot struggling to create a conversation that your characters need to have.

You also cannot get completely AI-generated stories using Charisma. 

It is highly suggested that this program be used to help you out of a writing rut rather than to write anything for you that you need significant assistance with.

The major perk of this program is that it is completely free to use and relatively user-friendly. 

It can also be downloaded on almost any device that has the space to accommodate it.

Plot Generator

This program will give you completed AI stories and full scripts using your keyword-fed data. 

You can create characters, settings, and more using this program. It’s a fairly robust program that can aid in script or story writing from start to finish.

Another perk to this program is that you can let the AI story generator go on its own without inputting any data or keywords. 

Afterward, it will take what story or script you have and add to it on its own, taking it in a direction you may not have thought of, further inspiring you creatively.

The drawback to this program (you knew there had to be one) is that it is still under development. It also won’t help much when it comes to blogs or articles. 

This is a program that is more suited, at this point, anyway, for scripts and full-length stories.

You can just as easily look at the bright side of a program still under development. This means that kinks will most likely be worked out, more features will be added, and the things that work will be enhanced, while the things that don’t will most likely be deleted. 

Just keep in mind that everything must walk before it can run, and this is a great tool to use if you need creative help with any setting, dialogue, plot, or character work.

Direct Benefits of Using an AI Story Generator

Whether you are looking to expand your creativity, your portfolio as a story writer or script writer, or just want to have some fun developing cool ideas for a character or story, using an AI story writing tool can be very beneficial.

Even if you don’t use the generated word-for-word story, it can be a jumping-off point for a story begging to be written. 

Sometimes the inspiration for the story you never knew you needed to write can present itself to you in this way.

If you have a fantastic idea for a story and you’ve made it part way through and hit a brick wall, either with plot, character, or setting, these programs can be a great way to write your way out of that hole.

Artificial intelligence sounds like science fiction, but it can be a fun and helpful way to get your creative juices flowing and get you on the path to writing the story you were born to tell.

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