Recommended Writing Utensils: Our List Of The Best In The Market

A writing utensil is any instrument that can be used for writing. That means all varieties of pens, pencils, and even writing software

Just as a painter owns many brushes and often prefers to work with a particular type, so does a writer use different tools and have preferences.

There are a variety of different writing utensils. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best writing utensils for writers. Understand that the term’ writing utensils’ incorporates far more than pens and pencils. As mentioned, a writing utensil is any instrument used for writing. That includes the paper on which you write and the desk at which you sit.

Writing utensils list

The main types of writing utensils are:

  • Pens – fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens, calligraphy pens
  • Pencils – graphite pencils, colored pencils
  • Notebooks and journals
  • Writing desks
  • Writing software

Tips for note taking and writing tools

Best writing utensils

Below you will find some of the most popular and high-quality products for each writing utensil category.

Best pens for writing

The pen is mightier than the sword and a lot easier to hold. 

Ballpoint pens transfer ink to paper with a metal tip or ball. They are the most common type of pen. 

They offer a smooth writing experience and dry quickly. Some of the best pens on the market are:

Uni-ball Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pen

The Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen offers a smooth writing experience with clean lines and a comfortable grip. Easily the best ballpoint pen at a low price.

Buy the Uni-ball Jetstream RT Retracetable Pen here

BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set

Possibly the best fountain pen on the market. Feels great in hand and smooth on paper. This pen looks like a luxury item but is affordable. It also outperforms most other fountain pens in its price range.

Purchase the BEILUNDER Luxury Foundation Pen Set here

Pilot G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pen 

The Pilot G2 is easily one of the best gel pens on the market. No annoying smudges, no bleeding, just a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Purchase the Pilot G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pen here

Best pencils for writing

Writing isn’t all about putting pen to paper and writing a story from start to finish. 

Writers write several drafts of a story before it gets published, and before drafts, they write outlines. 

These are the behind-the-scenes aspects of the writing process, and they can get messy. That’s why some writers like to keep a pencil handy for note-making and note-taking.

Faber Castell’s Perfect Pencil

Faber Castell is a household name for writing utensils. Their perfect pencil series offers high-quality pencils suitable for writing, sketching, and erasing.

Purchase the Faber Castell’s Perfect Pencil here

Dixon Ticonderoga

The Dixon Ticonderoga is one of the cheapest pencil options out there. Cost does relate to quality, but this pencil is still an appreciated and widely used writing utensil for writers and students.

Purchase the Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils here

Best notebooks and journals for writing

If you’re into journaling, you may already be familiar with the simple pleasure of writing in a nice notebook. 

The feel of a good pen on high-quality paper is thoroughly enjoyable, though admittedly a niche pleasure! 

Moreover, journaling with utensils that you love makes you more likely to stay consistent. Some of the best notebooks and journals on the market today include:

Writing Utensils

Graphic Image Leather 9″ Flexible Cover Journal 

The Graphic Image Leather 9 Flexible Cover Journal is a beautiful, designed, and strong notebook, perfect for all your writing needs. 

The leather cover is flexible so that it won’t wear down easily. It also features lined, cream-white pages that are a pleasure to write on.

Purchase the Graphic Image Leather 9″ Flexible Cover Journal here.

Magic of I Vegan Leather Journal, Unlined

Magic of I’s unlined vegan leather journal offers a humane and environmentally friendly alternative to the classic leather notebook. The cover is silky smooth, and soft, and the cover design is magical. 

These journals aren’t cheap, but they don’t break the bank either. They’re perfect for your journaling or sketching needs and make for a fantastic gift for the writer in your life.

Purchase the Magic of I Vegan Leather Journal here

iScholar iQ 5-Subject Poly Cover Wirebound Notebook 

The other journals in this list are simple and smooth. However, sometimes we need some more complexity in a notebook. The iScholar iQ features several sections with different colored tabs for easy organization.

Business people and students often use such notebooks because they include different sections, but you can make great use of this feature as a writer. 

The sections are divided by colored tabs, which means you can track character development in one section, setting in another, and chapter breakdown in yet another.

Purchase the iScholar iQ 5-Subject Poly Cover Wirebound Notebook here

Best writing desk

One’s work area can make or break a good day’s writing. 

Where one chooses to write and how they decorate or arrange that space varies according to personal preferences, and there is no right or wrong approach. 

However, a suitable writing desk can make a world of difference to your work.

Many of us have learned from the latest pandemic that working at home isn’t always easy. Lines blur between personal and professional spaces in a way that can harm your creativity and productivity.

A strong, high-quality writing desk can help you enter work mode when you sit down. 

Once you have a writing setup you enjoy, with writing instruments that you feel comfortable using, working becomes far more enjoyable.

Below we’ve included two of the most popular writing desks in recent years that won’t break the bank.

Writing Utensils

Cannery Bridge Lift Top Writing Table 

Double your value for the same price; this table features a lift-up top, transforming it from a solid and appealing coffee table into a productive work surface. 

This option is perfect for those with limited space who need the best of both worlds – a dining room coffee table and a working setup. 

The desk also features ample storage space, allowing you to organize your space and overcome clutter and distraction. There are also open shelves for display for even better organization.

Purchase the Cannery Bridge Lift Top Writing Table here

Novogratz White Marble Athena Computer Desk:

The Novogratz White Marble Athena Computer Desk is a cheaper option than the Cannery Bridge Lift Top but is still more than worth considering. 

This is a beautiful, designed desk suitable for all your writing, journaling, and sketching needs.

It comes with black or gold hairpin legs that offer a retro feel and a pristine marble top that’s easy to clean. 

There is plenty of space on the desk for your laptop, notebooks, and other writing utensils. It also comes with two storage spaces underneath to keep important documents, drafts, and any other writing implement you might need to store.

Purchase the Novogratz White Marble Athena Computer Desk here

Best writing software

Google Docs 

Google Docs is free-to-use, straightforward writing software that any writer will feel comfortable using. It looks and works just like MS Word and saves your documents in real-time to cloud storage, meaning you never have to lose work.

Another feature that makes Google Docs so popular is your ability to invite other writers to your document to edit. Teams can stay updated with each other’s work and make edits, comments, and suggestions where they see fit.


Scrivener offers a professional-level writing experience, but you don’t need to be a professional to use and enjoy it.

What makes Scrivener such an appreciated and widely used app is that it allows you to organize your writing, ideas, and plan in a way that helps you oversee everything. 

Keep tabs to the side with notes and ideas and easily copy them into your work where you see fit.

MS Word

The classic. Word has been around longer than most other writing software and still holds up. It’s simple to use, familiar, and neat.

We previously mentioned Scrivener and its many features. Word lacks those features, but it’s the perfect standard writing software if you don’t need them.

Writing Utensils

Which writing utensils should I buy?

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to writing utensils. 

A pen’s grip may suit one hand more than another, and the height of a table may be more important for one person than another. 

There is no perfect writing utensil kit and setup – it comes down to you and what you need to feel comfortable.

Writing utensils won’t write for you!

Remember that you don’t need the fanciest, most expensive writing utensil to start writing or finish your next novel

Writing itself is a skill, and the pens, pencils, or desks you use won’t write your story for you.

As such, don’t worry about having the best of the best utensils and equipment; search the market, ask friends for advice, and try different utensils when you can see what you do and don’t like. 

What do you need?

It’s also essential to identify your writing needs. 

Do you need markers and pencils for a specific project, or will pens alone suffice? Is it important to have different colored pens, pencils, and paper, or is all you need in black ink on white paper? 

Do you need writing equipment that’s easy to transport, or will all your work take place in one room? 

Consider all the above when it comes to your next writing utensil purchase.


While it’s true that utensils and implements won’t do your work for you, they can make working a whole lot more enjoyable. 

The desks we mentioned earlier are perfect if you like a neat workspace. They allow for easy organization of your space and are also easy to clean. 

If you love tidy spaces, you know how frustrating a cluttered desk can be!

As mentioned, pens and pencils vary in suitability for different hands and grips. 

The most important thing to look for in a pen is that it feels comfortable. You don’t want to distract yourself with how the pen feels when you’re in the middle of a plot twist.

So, whether you’re just recently getting into writing as a hobby, a professional writer looking for new equipment, or you’ve got a writer friend who would appreciate a thoughtful gift, any of the utensils included above are a great choice.

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