Exactly How Many Pages is 5000 Words? 5000 words Typed Vs Handwritten

How many pages is 5000 words?

There are many ways to measure your writing, but how many words you’ve written is one of the most common.

The average short story is 5,000 to 10,000 words long. This is excellent information, but it doesn’t help if you’re trying to plan out how many pages you need to write a day in order to hit a writing target.

How many pages is 5000 words?

Number of Pages by Word Count

Some elements that determine how many pages 5,000 words include:

  • Font Size
  • Font Selection
  • Spacing
  • Margins

The Influence of Font Size on Page Count

The size of the font is the most important aspect of your page count. Size 30 font is going to create a much longer piece than size 12.

For this article, let’s assume the font is size 12 because this is the most common size used in professional or creative settings.

The Influence of Font on Page Count

What font you choose is also essential to the overall page count. Some fonts, by nature, are larger or small than others – they’re designed that way.

For this article, let’s assume you’ve chosen either Times New Roman font or Arial font, two of the most commonly used.

how many words and how many pages is 5,000 when pages single spaced, How Many Pages is 5000 Words

The Influence of Spacing on Page Count

Whether you choose single spacing or double spacing changes everything, the page count will literally double as double spacing is twice as spaced as single spacing.

The Influence of Margins on Page Count

The most common margins are 1″. Let’s use these margins as anything less would lessen the page count, and anything larger would increase the page count.

So How Many Pages IS 5000 Words Typed?

A 5,000-word piece is approximately 10 pages single spaced or 20 pages double spaced. 

So How Many Pages IS 5000 Words When Handwritten?

Writing by hand is an entirely different type of writing than typing. Everything about typing is uniform which provides a consistent page count.

Handwriting is anything but consistent. The same person can write a page, and their personal font will vary throughout the page, including style and size. 

Whether they’re writing on lined paper or blank paper also changes the margins and spacing of the words. Really, it gets rather complicated rather quickly.

A good estimate, however, is that handwritten pieces are equivalent to double-spaced typed pieces.

Other Ways to Count 5,000 Words

There are other ways to determine how long 5,000 words is. The first way is to use the character count on a piece.

However, this method is unreliable because it depends on the number of characters in words, and a slight variation can change the number drastically.

If 5,000 words average five characters per word, then there will be 25,000 characters used. But if we change the average number of characters to seven, then the overall number of characters is 35,000.

The most precise way is to use the word counter built into the writing program you are using, but that’s not always how you plan out you’re writing.

For anyone writing short stories, 5,000 words is a significant number, and knowing how many pages the piece will ultimately be is a valuable tool for you.

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